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Cars and other vehicles stranded in the desert receive a specialized emergency service. We can assist you if your vehicle breaks down while you are camping in the city or going on a desert safari. We might be able to help, no matter what the issue is.

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Give us a call and take advantage of this fantastic service we now offer if you need roadside assistance quickly. The services provided by Dubai Car Recovery include guaranteed inexpensive roadside assistance!
We provide a flat-bed restoration service that takes two to four hours, seven days a week.
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Why? The explanations are not difficult to understand. We have the most up-to-date equipment and professional staff who will provide you with the best service. Dubai recovery services are the best option in Dubai or the rest of the United Arab Emirates if you're looking for quick, dependable, and professional car recovery services.

Quick Answer:

We have the quickest turnover time and the highest response rate. Getting you out of the worst possible situations as soon as possible and consistently: In order to serve you and provide you with the best solutions, our employees are always on their toes.

Our Team Experience

Over the past two decades, our professional team has collaborated with one another. All of our insurance covers our towing, and we'll take care of your car from start to finish. One of the most cost-effective and dependable towing services in Dubai is Recovery near Me.


Dubai is where we are based. We only use our network of experts when we need to rescue you, despite the fact that they waste a lot of money keeping vans and mechanics running round the clock.

As a result, we are able to offer you award-winning breakdown insurance at half the cost. Please get in touch with us for a free quote on Vehicle Breakdown Cover. However, due to our adaptability, you can reserve our vehicle recovery services as a one-time booking and pay for them with a debit or credit card on the day of service. Before one of our vehicle breakdown trucks can be sent to you, this must be paid in advance; Your payment must be made in advance to our Call Center, and your vehicle will not be released until this is paid for. If you’d like to join us on an annual basis, which does not


In Dubai, we offer prompt, professional, and budget-friendly towing services. We’ve been in business since 2017    and carry full insurance. We are prepared to meet all of your vehicle-related emergency needs seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

Client Suggestions

Extremely pleased with the service. arrived promptly, and the driver was professional and courteous. Cost-effective I will definitely use them in the future and will recommend them to friends. We constantly strive to improve our methods and are open to client suggestions as part of our customer service policies and standards

So what are you waiting for?

Dubai-wide towing, fuel, battery, and flat-tire assistance services. seven days a week, all year long. We’ll be there in 10 to 20 minutes if you just call.

Call us now   0553551957

Flat tire

Towing Services


Using our GPS systems, we will provide you with a safe and dependable towing service that will get you there as soon as possible.

Car towing

Accident Services


The expert accident recovery team at Dubai Car Recovery guarantees that the service will be simple and of the highest possible quality.

Accident Twoing


Towing Service

We will provide you with a secure and dependable towing service that will get you there as soon as possible using our GPS systems.

Accident Towing

We will transport your vehicle to the garage designated by your insurance company in the event of an accident.

Gasoline Service

In the event that you run out of gas, we will be there as soon as possible to refuel your vehicle and direct you to the nearest gas station.

Lockout Service

Are you locked out? no problem; we'll unlock your vehicle and get you home quickly.

Flat Tyre

Everyone has faced a flat Tyre, we will replace your flat Tyre if present in vehicle, or get you new Tries at our nearest certified Tyre shops.

Breakdown Assistance

If your car breaks down, we will assist you in getting it fixed (minor service), and then we will take it to one of our certified centers that are closest to you for more tests and diagnoses.

Jump Start

If your battery dies, we can come out and jump it for you in no time. It is much safer to use a jump box than hooking your car’s battery to another car’s battery.

Off Road Service

We are able to quickly jump your battery if it goes dead. Using a jump box instead of connecting your car's battery to that of another vehicle is much safer.


Friendly services

Friendly Service

Dubai Car Recovery will always strive to enhance our customer service so that we can satisfy all of your requirements on a daily basis. As a feature of our client support strategies and norms, we are available to client ideas and continually endeavor to work on our techniques.

Quick Answer

Quick Answer

We have the highest response rate and the quickest turnover time. Getting you out of the worst situations as quickly and consistently as possible: Our employees are always on their toes to serve you and provide you with the best solutions.

Flat tire

Convenient Place

Car Towing Dubai: We Tow Any Vehicle, Anytime, At Any Price We at Car Towing Service Dubai offer emergency towing services for any vehicle at any time. Dubai Car Recovery has the tools and knowledge to take care of your car, truck, motorcycle, motor home, or bus in a Convenient Palce

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About Car Recovery Dubai Services

Hiring Dubai car recovery and towing services is a great way to get your car back on the road as soon as possible.The car towing services will arrive and tow your vehicle within 24 hours of your call.

Before loading it onto the tow truck, they will check that it is safe.

Additionally, it provides you with an upfront estimate of the cost, so there are no unexpected costs when paying upfront or at the conclusion of service!

Get assistance right away by calling! 0553551957


2 Recovery Near Our goal is to provide excellent towing services in order to please our clients in Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates. Serving the wonderful city of Dubai is an honor for us. Get in touch right away; We are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

In Dubai, we offer professional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Flat Tire
Trained team


A team of highly trained auto mechanics inspects your vehicle to ensure that it receives excellent service under the direction of service advisors and supported by cutting-edge equipment.

We are known for providing our customers with the best emergency assistance available. You can call us at any time, and depending on what you need, we’ll fix your car there or take it to one of our Tow Truck recovery centers.

Our professional team has been working together for more than 20 years. Our towing is covered by all insurance, and we will take care of your vehicle from start to finish. Recovery near Me is one of Dubai’s most cost-effective and dependable towing services.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Some Highlights Of Our Professional Services

Here are some highlights of our professional services:

  • Change the oil filter
  • collection and deliver
  • tire pressure check
  • replacement of all fluids and service lights.
  • 360-degree health checkup.
  • Brake checkup.
  • AC checkup.
  • Air filter change. Oil change.
  • Replacement of the oil filter.
  • Replacement of the spark plugphr
Dubai Car Recivery

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Very Good Service, Really Like this services, Tow my car From alquoz to Sharjha Industrial area
Al Farooq

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Why Do You Need a Car Towing Service In Dubai

Having a car towing and recovery service by your side at all times can give you complete peace of mind when you’re in trouble.

They might be useful in the future. Consider, for instance, the scenario in which you are driving down the road at midnight and come to a sudden halt. How do you plan to proceed? There is no one visible because the garages are now closed.

It is not always possible to fix a broken car by replacing the battery. It might occasionally need more. Additionally, this is the best time to get in touch with one of Dubai’s car collection services because they are available around the clock.

We offer quick fixes like battery replacement, tire replacement, or fuel recharge in addition to full computer diagnostics. However, you will be required to tow your vehicle to our workshop for a comprehensive inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every time, friendly and professional service.All vehicles up to and including 1.2 tons at £3.50 per mile (Gross Vehicle Weight), excluding mileage and the Ulez, Toll, and Base to Base fees if recovery mileage exceeds 10 miles. Charge for Vehicle Breakdown Recovery: £95.00$85 for the battery jump start.

There are five main ways to recover a vehicle:
Soft. …

  • Rigid (or bar)
  • lift tow (suspend tow crane)
  • lift (underlift)
  • transportation (total lift)
  • variations are just a few of the terms used

Maximum daily driving time of nine hours; maximum weekly driving time of ten hours. Driving every two weeks A maximum of 90 hours every two weeks minimum of 11 hours of rest per day, which may be reduced to 9 hours no more than three times between weekly rests.

How much time could you be waiting between when you answer the phone and when your removal vehicle arrives on the scene? A recovery vehicle should arrive at your location within 30 to 60 minutes. After that, loading can take anywhere from ten to twenty minutes.

The capacity to deal with your own time is fundamental.You’ll need at least a valid C license, a drivers CPC, and a digital drivers card to drive one of our recovery vehicles.

If the tyre is in good condition, and after determining with our training that it is safe, yes we are able to repair the tyre. With professional repair, the tyre will be fully functional.

We offer on-site battery replacement, tire repair, and car towing services so you don’t have to come to us.When you give us a call, we’ll come to you.